A Bit of a Do update

You will not be surprised to hear that A Bit of a Do has been cancelled for this September. However, we had such a good programme lined up that I have asked the speakers if they will be able to come at a similar time next year (date to be decided soon).

Meanwhile our own Sue Hoult and Kate Bowyer from the WCBKA are pulling a team together from both Associations to investigate the possibility of an on-line event involving presentations and video conferencing. If this goes ahead it will replace BOAD this year and may be the start of a new initiative. We must wait to see what transpires!

I hope you are all coping with your bees in these unusual times. There are so many excellent sources of information out there now but your first port of call should be your mentor or Group if you have problems. Remember too, that Eric James, our local Bee Inspector is happy to advise.

Mary Trace,
President, CBKA


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