Join Cornwall BeeKeepers Association

Cornwall Beekeepers Association (CBKA) is a body which, by affiliation to the British Beekeepers Association, has national representation for all beekeepers in Cornwall. See below for membership application forms with clickable links to download the forms.bee

Our association is presently made up of seven groups, covering geographical areas located throughout the county. If you wish to join CBKA, then you can become a member of the group closest to your location (although you are welcome to join any, or all, of the groups).

To join CBKA, you will need to fill in an application form (found at the bottom of this page) and return it to the membership secretary, Vanessa Tyler (address is on the form). The current cost of an annual subscription is £26 for full membership. As a fully paid up member you are entitled to attend any CBKA group meeting. A proportion of your subscription is allocated to whichever local group you nominate, and you will become a member of that group. There are also reduced rates of subscription for partner members, country members, associate members and junior members – see the application form for further details.

Most registered members of the CBKA are automatically members of the BBKA and receive additional benefits, which include:

  • Membership card
  • Public and Products liability insurance
  • CBKA’s ‘Gwenyn Kernow’ newsletter and BBKA’s newsletter
  • Brood disease insurance (through BDI Ltd)
  • BBKA Education and Training Resources

There are two versions of the application form, which can be returned by post or by email as an attachment. Please use the 2019 CBKA Membership and Gift Aid Form PDF version if you wish to print off the form, complete it by hand, and post it back to the Secretary. If you prefer to complete the form on your computer and return it via email then please use the Word version. See below.

As well as the form itself there is a supplementary information sheet which gives you information on membership categories, BDI premiums and other useful information. Please read this form carefully before completing your application.

The membership form includes a gift aid declaration. If you pay even a modest amount of tax, CBKA can reclaim gift aid on your subscription. This additional income is extremely helpful and important to the Association, as it allows us to continue our efforts to provide education and development opportunities in the public domain. Therefore, please complete this part of the form if appropriate and return it with your membership application.

 2019 CBKA Membership and Gift Aid Form PDF


2019 CBKA Membership and Gift Aid Form DOC


 2019 CBKA Membership Information