Shows – Callington Honey Show 2015

callington-honey-show1“What a fascinating show this has been to judge”. These were the departing words just before he left to go home by Bruce Henderson Smith who was one of the two judges at this year’s Honey Show at the Callington Honey Fair.

As always, the event starts the day before when the Town Hall has to be prepared for the show. Tables are brought out from the store cupboard, chairs are put in place, then the green show cloths are draped over the tables making sure that the edges reach to the floor so that all sorts of paraphernalia can be stored underneath out of sight. Chris Boughton put together his well-designed framework that holds the black cloths used as a backdrop for the show classes. The display boards and sales table have to be assembled and jars of honey and wax products put out for sale.

callington-honey-show2But before the cloths had been taken out of the box entries started to arrive and it was almost non-stop for the next two hours. Somehow time was found to drink a welcome cup of tea then more entries came in and it was difficult to find space on the tables, it was decided that another one would be needed for the Appliance entries which would allow exhibits in the other classes to be displayed better.

After a very early start the next day we arrived to make the final preparations for the show and take more entries (had we actually been home?). We were particularly pleased to see children coming in with their model bees. Also Cornwall Honey had arrived and were ready with their table of goodies.

By 9am all was ready for the judging to start and quite a task it would be as the tables were full of jars of honey.

Before they started on their respective classes, Bruce with his steward Phil Marriott and Cookery judge Val Budgen-Cawsey ably assisted by Sue Hoult looked at the classes that they were to judge jointly.


It was well into the afternoon before all the results were in and the Prize cards awarded. It was one of the best shows for a number of years with a record total of 139 entries: there were 24 in the Light Honey class and nearly as many, 22 in fact, photos. A new class had been introduced this year, an Artistic Collective exhibit by three or more people and though there was only one entry (from Bodmin Group) perhaps other groups might want to consider this next time.


Comments and explanations were left by both judges to help the entrants. Bruce thought that some of the honeys had good flavour and aroma but a number were disappointing because they contained specks, had started to granulate or were not full so had to be excluded. He emphasised that cleanliness is everything and great care should be taken in the preparation not only with honey but with wax items as well which need to be fresh and clean with a good aroma.

The Cup Winners were:

Callington Lions Rosebowl for Most Cookery points – Daniel Woodward
Callington Motors Cup for Most Points in show – Daniel Woodward
Trevithick Cup for Best Exhibit – Sue Hoult
Vera Ghey Cup for Best Light Honey – Trevor Brown
Reg Pomeroy Shield for Best Novice – Mary Trace
George Prinn Shield for Best Young Person – Callington Childminders
Pestkil SW for Best wax – not awarded
Kernow Bees Shield for Best Granulated Honey – J & C Walker
Wesley Wilton Shield for Best Medium Honey – Sue Hoult


All in all it was a very busy day especially for Bruce and Phil who at times were interrupted by the Press and visitors asking questions. As always people were fascinated to see the bees in the observation hive, set up by Chris Boughton and there was interest in the Virtual Hive supplied by Sue Malcolm. Towards the end of the afternoon the Cups were presented by the President of Callington Lions together with CBKA Chairman Carole Allen.

We are most grateful to Judges Bruce and Val and Steward Phil, as well as all the exhibitors and Michael and Wendy Pickles with Peter Hunkin on the sales table. It was good to see so many people coming into the hall; we all had a very enjoyable day.

The Callington Honey Fair Team